Lightkey 2 Beta

Help us shape the next big release of Lightkey

Test-Drive Lightkey 2

Lightkey 2 is coming, our biggest update since the initial release of Lightkey. Because Lightkey is used in so many different scenarios this is just too much to test by ourselves. Therefore we need your help: Test-drive the new Lightkey and report your experiences and feedback to us. The goal of this public beta program is to find all bugs and potential problems and make Lightkey 2 rock-solid before we release the final version to everyone.

What You Need

Lightkey 2 Beta runs on any Mac with macOS 10.11 or newer. All existing Lightkey licenses will also work with Lightkey 2.

Before You Start

Lightkey 2 is still in development, which means it may contain errors and may not function as well as commercially released software. Install only on non-production systems that are not business-critical.

Important: Projects saved with Lightkey 2 can’t be opened with earlier versions, so be sure to make a copy of your existing projects before you use them with Lightkey 2.

Share Your Feedback

If you come across any issue in Lightkey 2 Beta or would like to share your thoughts on the new features, please use our contact form.

Download Lightkey 2 Beta

What’s New?

All-New Effects & Fanning Engine

  • Choose from over 50 built-in templates or create your own effects.
  • Pattern effects with 7 customizable patterns.
  • Curve effects with 28 basic curve types.
  • Movement effects with 14 built-in, fully editable movement paths.
  • Fan fixture properties between two or more values.
  • Apply fanning and effects to the following properties: Dimmer, Color, Position, Focus, Zoom, Iris, Frost, Fog, custom properties.
  • Synchronize effects to music.
  • Effects remain editable at any time.
  • Apply effects to multi-beam fixtures such as LED strips.
  • Overlay multiple effects.
  • Movement paths can now be named.
  • Control effect speed from Live view.

Improved & Refreshed User Interface

  • A new toolbar provides quick access to many features.
  • The “bubbles” showing overridden fixture properties are now clickable to quickly select or delete overridden properties.
  • Clicking the overridden properties indicator shows the overridden properties.
  • Redesigned fixture shortcut menus allow quick selection of all supported properties.
  • HUDs for Position, Focus, Zoom, and Iris have been redesigned to allow for more precision.
  • Improved fixture property controls in the Design view.

And Much More

  • Projects can now contain multiple Live pages.
  • Copy and paste keys in the Live view.
  • Improved project setup assistant.
  • Copy and paste individual fixture properties (including effects and fanning).
  • Graphical shapes in the Preview can now have dark stroke and fill colors.
  • Layering commands for shapes in the Preview.
  • Copy & paste for colors.
  • Use search in preset palette.
  • Preset palette supports “swipe-to-delete” gesture.
  • New button to cancel preset editing.

Download Lightkey 2 Beta