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Get professionally created fixture profiles for Lightkey.

Terms of Service

You can use this form to request fixture profiles for Lightkey which are not yet in the library. When we receive your request we will review it and send you a confirmation email. We may also ask for any additional information that is needed. You can choose between two options:

  • Express (paid): After clicking Request Profile you will be directed to a payment page. We will send you the fixture profile within 48 hours from the time we register your payment, provided all necessary information is included.

  • Standard (free): Profile requests are usually completed within 14 days.

What we need to create a fixture profile:

  • At minimum we need a complete DMX chart for the fixture. This chart is usually part of the user manual and/or available in PDF format on the manufacturer’s website. If the fixture has multiple modes (“personalities”), please include the DMX charts for all modes. Our fixture profiles always contain all available modes.

  • Include other relevant information such as pan/tilt ranges, gobo images, colors, beam angle, or zoom range. If the documentation lacks certain information then we cannot include it in the profile.

  • We take no responsibility for errors due to incomplete, incorrect, or contradicting documentation. We may decline a request if the provided documentation is insufficient or unreadable.

  • Requests must include the correct manufacturer and model name for the fixture.

  • Fixture documentation must be in English (preferred) or German. The fixture profile will use English terms.

Please note:

  • Fixture profiles are created for the current Lightkey version by default. If you need a profile for an older version please tell us which Lightkey version you use in the Message field. We only create profiles for Lightkey, not other applications.

  • We send the fixture profile to the email address you specify. Make sure to provide a valid email address.

  • We reserve the right to decline requests if the number of requests per customer exceeds a reasonable limit.

  • Paid service only: If we decline the request for any reason then we will refund the full price.

  • You can only submit one fixture per request (which may have multiple modes). Please submit separate requests for additional fixtures. The price for the Express service applies to a single fixture profile.