Professional DMX lighting control.
Mac style.
  • Highly compatible.

    Bring your own DMX interface: USB, Art-Net, sACN, or ESP-Net.

  • Vastly powerful.

    Lightkey’s built-in FX engine takes your light show to a new level.

  • Surprisingly simple.

    Easy to learn, quick to set up. Engineered exclusively for Mac.

Choose from a wide range of USB–DMX interfaces from various manufacturers

Or use any Art-Net, sACN, or ESP Net network interface

Highly compatible.
Bring your own DMX interface.

Save the cost of expensive proprietary DMX hardware: Lightkey works with a wide range of USB interfaces plus any Art-Net, sACN, or ESP-Net-compatible device, thanks to the Open Lighting Architecture. Whatever DMX interface you have, there’s a good chance that Lightkey supports it—simply download Lightkey for free, plug in your interface, and give it a try.

  • DMXking


    ultraDMX MAX

    ultraDMX Micro

    ultraDMX Pro

    ultraDMX RDM Pro

    ultraDMX2 PRO

    eDMX2 PRO

  • Enttec


    DMX USB Pro

    DMX USB Pro Mk2

    Open DMX USB

    RDM USB Pro

  • Eurolite




    USB-DMX512-PRO MK2

    USB-DMX512-PRO Cable

  • Jese





  • Robe


    Universal Interface


  • Stage-Profi




  • Art-Net


    Any Art-Net interface

  • sACN (E1.31)

    sACN (E1.31)

    Any sACN interface

  • ESP Net

    ESP Net

    Any ESP Net interface

Smart light bulb

Smart lights.
Expanded capabilities.

Add smart lights to your projects and control them just like your DMX lights. Lightkey 4 controls bulbs, LED strips, smart plugs and other types of lights by Philips Hue.

Hardware control.
Enhance your experience.

Do you prefer the physical controls on a lighting console? Then you can have the best of both worlds. Lightkey integrates seam­lessly with any standard MIDI controller and DMX console (through DMX-In). You can map each hardware control to whatever feature you like and build your own custom-tailored show control desk to trigger cues, presets and sequences, adjust fixture properties, tap the beat, and whatever else you need.

Designed for creativity.
Take your light show to a new level.

Designed for the needs of creative lighting designers, Lightkey breaks free from the old thinking about DMX values and channels. Thru advanced fixture profiles it understands all your fixtures’ properties—like Color, Gobo, Shutter, Prism, Zoom—, and provides specially-designed, easy-to-use controls for each of them. The current state of your fixtures is always visible in the live preview. Simply concentrate on the perfect light show and let Lightkey translate it to the proper DMX values.

  • Virtual light beams

    Virtual light beams show your lights’ real-world positions and also reflect intensity, color, focus, zoom, iris, frost, and shutter/strobe states.

  • Built-in stage editor

    The built-in graphical editor lets you recreate the stage or dance floor on the screen. Apart from your fixtures you can add shapes, trusses, and custom images.

  • Copy & paste

    Easily copy and paste properties and effects between fixtures – even fixtures of different types. Of course, you can undo as well.

  • At a glance

    Little “bubbles” in the Preview show you at a glance which fixture properties are overridden or defined by a preset, sequence, or cue.

  • On-the-fly changes

    Quickly change any fixture property on the fly—perfect for nightclubs and parties where you don’t have a song run sheet in advance.

  • Intelligent Design view

    The Design view automatically adapts itself according to your fixtures and their properties so you only see the controls you really need.

Real-world pan/tilt locations

Lightkey knows your moving light’s pan/tilt range, home position, and rotation direction. With this information it calculates the exact beam position on the stage or dance floor, so the preview always shows the fixture’s real-world position, letting you point your lights wherever you like with just a single mouse click. Even if you select multiple devices from different manufacturers, Lightkey will calculate the individual DMX values for each of them so they all point in the same direction.

Infinite possibilities.

Lightkey’s powerful effects engine makes it easy and fun to create amazing dynamic looks. Choose from 70+ effect templates or create your own pattern, curve, or movement effects. Effects can be applied to almost any fixture property and stored in presets and cues while staying editable all the time. Apply effects to multi-beam LED strips and matrixes. Synchronize effects to music. Overlay multiple effects for countless possibilities.

Beat control.
Stay in the rhythm.

Effortlessly sync your light show to music. Lightkey connects to your DAW, DJ app, or audio analysis software through MIDI Clock or Ableton Link. Or simply tap the beat and Lightkey will continue at the same tempo. You can adjust the speed of individual cues at any time with a Beat Multiplier.

  • Tap the beat

    Tap the beat with the mouse, keyboard, or a MIDI controller, and Lightkey will pick up the tempo.

  • MIDI Clock

    Receive a MIDI Beat Clock signal sent by a DJ software, mixer, or audio analysis tool.

  • Ableton Link

    Ableton Link syncs beat information between apps on the same computer or local network.

Always in sync.
Run your lighting from Ableton Live.

The unique Live Triggers feature makes it quick and intuitive to trigger lighting cues directly from Ableton Live: Simply drag cues you created in Lightkey to the Ableton Live timeline. If you’re a live performer, you can create a light show that’s perfectly in sync with the music without any manual operation during the show.

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Watch the video

Surprisingly simple.

An interactive assistant guides you through the entire setup process: Configure DMX output, patch your fixtures, create a visual representation of the stage. And if you ever need a fixture profile that is not in the built-in library, simply send us the DMX specs and we’ll create it for you within a few days.

Watch the video
Live Preview
This 2D view of your lighting rig shows the current state of the fixtures with virtual light beams
Preset Palette
Create and organize presets and sequences
Control panel
Build a custom-tailored control panel with buttons and faders to control your lights during a show
Shows keyboard shortcuts and gestures for the current context

Command central.

Don’t waste your time shuffling windows and panels around. Everything you need is cleanly arranged in a single window, providing you with exactly the controls you need at any time. The elegant, white-on-dark UI has been specially designed for use in low-light environments—it even adapts itself to the light colors.

  • Full-screen mode
    The single-window user interface has been specially designed for full-screen mode.
  • Touch screen friendly

    All controls have large clickable areas and work great with touch screens.

  • Multi-touch gestures

    Pinch, swipe, scroll, force click: With a Multi-Touch trackpad you can change fixture properties in a natural way. (And it’s fun too.)

  • Extensive keyboard shortcuts

    A clever, well-structured, and extensible system of keyboard shortcuts lets you control virtually every application feature.

User Guide User Guide

Lightkey User Guide.
Take an in-depth look.

Open User Guide

State of the art.

Lightkey handles even the most sophisticated fixtures with ease. Its smart fixture profiles support multiple modes (“personalities”), 16-bit output, conditional properties, RGB/CMY color mixing, multiple color and gobo wheels, custom beam layouts, and much more. Lightkey comes with a huge library of 5000+ high-quality fixture profiles for all popular manufac­turers, and it can import thousands of freely available profiles in the formats SSL2, FXT, and PFF.

Built-in fixture editor

To make fixture profile creation as easy as possible, Lightkey’s fixture editor has the same layout as a typical DMX chart. (Click the image for a side-by-side comparison.) And it’s built right into the application so changes take effect instantly.

Lightkey’s fixture editor (right) has the same layout as a typical DMX chart (left).

High technology.
Made for your Mac.

Lightkey was engineered from the ground up as a native Mac app, so it’s finally goodbye to the Windows emulation. It perfectly matches your Mac’s look and feel and comes with all the familiar features like Dark Mode, full screen view, autosaving, copy and paste, unlimited undo, or automatic updates. Under the hood, Lightkey takes full advantage of your Mac’s capabilities including 64-bit processing on Apple and Intel chips, multicore computing thru Grand Central Dispatch, support for Retina displays, and pristine graphics using Apple’s Core Animation and Metal 2 technologies.

Change fixture properties with the Touch Bar
Pristine Retina graphics
powered by Metal 2
Haptic feedback, multi-touch gestures and force click

Editions & pricing.
What’s your Lightkey edition?

Simply determine how many output channels you need.
  • All editions come with the full feature set, even the free edition.
  • You can always upgrade if you need more channels later.
Users’ Favorite
Output channels
in US Dollars,
taxes may apply
$79 per year
$119 per year
$199 per year
$379 per year
USB output
Art-Net output
sACN output
ESP-Net output
Smart lights2
5 lights
100 lights
+ $50
100 lights
+ $50
100 lights
+ $50
100 lights
+ $50
DMX input
MIDI input
OSC input
Download BuyBuy License BuyBuy License BuyBuy License BuyBuy License
1 Lightkey 4 is required to output 4096 DMX channels. Earlier versions can output up to 2048 channels.
2 Lightkey 4 and macOS 12 or later are required to control smart lights.

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Lightkey is powered by the Open Lighting Architecture, an open-source framework by the Open Lighting Project. Download the source code here or grab the latest version on GitHub.