Fixture Library

Request a Fixture Profile.
Get professionally created fixture profiles for Lightkey.

Before You Request a Fixture Profile

Does the light need a custom profile? Some simple fixtures work with one of the built-in generic profiles. This includes conventional lights with a single dimmer channel, dimmer and switch packs, many LED strips, and single-channel fog machines. An overview of the generic profiles can be found in the appendix of the Lightkey User Guide.

Is there already a profile in the library? Please search the built-in fixture library and the online fixture library before submitting a request. The fixture names in the library match the name on the cover page of the manual.

What You Should Include

In most cases it’s sufficient to send us the fixture manual as a PDF document. The information should be in English or German. Depending on the fixture type we require:

  • Manufacturer and model name. We require this information so we can add the profile to the library later.

  • Complete DMX charts. Include the DMX charts for all modes, even if you need only one mode.

  • Pan and tilt ranges for moving lights.

  • Details about colors and gobos for fixtures with color/gobo wheels.

  • Additional specs like beam angle, zoom range, strobe speed, beam arrangement, etc., as applicable.

If you only have a printed manual: You can also send us a legible scan or photo of the DMX charts. The request form lets you upload up to five files.

If you have no documentation for the fixture: Try to contact the fixture manufacturer or search the web for a manual. We cannot obtain this information for you and it’s not possible to create a fixture profile without a DMX chart.

If you need more than one profile: You’re welcome to request as many profiles as you need. Please send a separate request for each fixture.