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  • Which Lightkey edition is right for me?

    All Lightkey editions—even the free edition—include the full set of features. The only difference is the number of DMX output channels you can use.

    To find the right edition, determine the total number of channels used by your lights and whether you require multiple DMX universes.

    Lightkey edition Enables DMX output for…
    Free … the first 24 channels of one universe
    256 channels … the first 256 channels of one universe
    512 channels … a single DMX universe
    1024 channels … two full DMX universes
    2048 channels … four full DMX universes

    All editions enable up to two input universes.

    If you expand your lighting setup later, you can upgrade to a higher edition at any time.

  • How do I renew my license?

    Lightkey warns you at startup if your license is about to expire within the next two weeks.

    To renew the license, simply buy a new license in our online store. If your old license is still valid, enter its expiration date in the License Begin field so they don’t overlap. On that date:

    • Choose Lightkey > Deactivate Lightkey… from the menu bar to deactivate the old license (if applicable).
    • Choose Lightkey > Activate Lightkey… and paste the new license key.

    To keep it simple, we don’t have user accounts and you don’t need to know your old license to renew it.

  • I’d like to upgrade my license to add more channels

    You can upgrade your license to a higher edition at any time. When you do this you get a discount for the remaining value of your license. You can apply this discount to a new license which runs for another year. Please contact us and we’ll tell you the next steps and the exact amount of the discount.

    Contact us

    Make sure to use the same email address you used for the original purchase, or include either your license key or original order number.

  • I lost my license key

    No worries: Simply enter the email address used to place your order, and we’ll resend your license key straight away.

  • Can I use Lightkey on multiple computers?

    A license can only be active on one computer at any time. However, you can move it to another computer easily and as often as you like. Note that if you want to use a computer only for preparing a show without actually outputting DMX, the computer doesn’t need a license at all.

    If you want to use Lightkey on multiple computers at the same time, you need a separate license for each computer.

  • How do I move my license to another computer?

    A license can only be active on a single computer at any given time, but can move it between computers easily and as often as you like. Follow these steps:

    1. Open Lightkey on the computer where the license is currently active and choose Lightkey > Deactivate Lightkey… from the menu bar.
    2. On the new computer, choose Lightkey > Activate Lightkey… and paste your license key.

    Lightkey remembers the license key if it has been activated before, so you can switch between computers more quickly.

    You can no longer access the computer with the active license? Please write us a short message.

  • Can I activate Lightkey on a computer with no Internet connection?

    Sure! Lightkey can create a file which you can send to us from another computer with Internet connection. Simply choose Lightkey > Activate Lightkey… from the menu bar, click “No Internet connection?”, and follow the instructions.

  • Why isn’t Lightkey free?

    Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t sell DMX hardware through which we subsidize our software. Instead Lightkey gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of DMX hardware from various manufacturers, allowing us to put all our effort in creating the best lighting control software possible. That’s why we must charge a price for our software.

  • Do you offer perpetual licenses?

    No. Lightkey licenses are always valid for one year and all updates and support are free during that time. If you want to continue using Lightkey after that you need to buy a new license.

    Why are licenses limited to one year? If we sold unlimited licenses, we’d unfortunately have to charge a much higher price. We believe that a time-based model is an ideal solution for everyone: You can try Lightkey at a low price for one year, and if you are not satisfied—which we don’t believe!—, you save a lot of money compared to a perpetual license.

    On the other hand, this licensing model allows us to release updates much more often—which we do, as you can see in the Release Notes. Manufacturers with perpetual licenses often save new features for big, paid updates that appear in longer cycles.

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